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 Welcome to DeepSkyLS! (READ ME FIRST)

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Welcome to DeepSkyLS! (READ ME FIRST) Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to DeepSkyLS! (READ ME FIRST)   Welcome to DeepSkyLS! (READ ME FIRST) EmptyThu Feb 26, 2009 7:56 pm

Thank you for stopping by at the DeepSkyLS Boards. While we are a Sky/events shell, were only here to have fun and limit drama within our linkshell while getting some rare and favored loot.

About DeepSkyLS

What are the goals of the linkshell?
We try to stick to the laid back scene, hence why sky is our only mandatory event at the moment because just about the easiest place to get gear from. We reduce/increase time spent in sky based on if it's a farming night or gods night, weekday or weekend. Sky is our only required event other than the fact people can also use this shell to socialize, hang out with friends and participate in other events such as; Limbus, Zilart, CoP, Nyzul Isle, ToAU, Nation Rank and KS/BSNM.

To simply sum it up, the goal of the linkshell is to have a compact group of skilled players that plays at peek performance, but not for gear as much as fun and excitement!

What does the linkshell expect from the members?
It is expected that members be ready and willing to work with and make sacrifices for the linkshell before themselves. This means if others recieve before you do, be happy for them. Every bit of gear that each member gets will greatly help the linkshell as a whole.

The linkshell only requires the members to be online for Sky. All other linkshell events are not mandatory. Basically, we require members to allocate 6-8 hours minimum a week of their time in Sky, meaning they cannot miss this event unless an emergency comes up. The rest of the events only demonstrate how much more effort the linkshell provides our members with content.

What does the linkshell provide for the members?
The linkshell rewards hard working members exceptionally! The linkshell runs on a points system which is constantly tweaked in favor of the linkshell's well being. There is no seniority or bias and all the work members put in is always directly rewarding them.

The best reward of the linkshell is a minimum drama environment, which makes the game a lot more fun to play.

Is DeepSkyLS the linkshell for me?
DeepSkyLS is currently in a stage where we'd like to recruit anyone who is itnerested in participating with our events. However, we'd really like whoever is interested to also dedicate a tiny chunk of their time to the required minimum hours in sky and do their best. If you are willing to participate atleast 6-8 hours of your time a week minimum in sky, and willing to dedicate yourself then DeepSkyLS is for you.

DeepSkyLS Rules

While we are only considered a sky ls, we're also an events shell for people who'd like to participate in; Nyzul Isle, Limbus, Zilart, CoP, ToAU, Rank missions, KSNM, and BSNM. However, sky is a mandatory event twice every week. Other NMs such as KA/Kreutzet/Simmy/etc are optional and can be requested as a miscellaneous event.

Weekly Events
Our current schedual is:

Sunday: [Sky]
Monday: Zilart > Sky - off
Tuesday: ZNM > CoP > Sky - off
Wednesday: [Sky]
Thursday: Nation Rank or KS/BSNM > Sky - off
Friday: ToAU > Sky - off
Saturday: Nyzul Isle> ZNM > Sky - off

* [Sky] - indicates mandatory
* Sky that is not indicated in "[ ]'s" are optional
* off indicates that youre not required to attend any of these events that day.

Sky will generally begin Wednesday's at 5:30PM PST and Sundays at 12:00PM PST. All other events will start between 6:30PM and 7:30PM PST. If you can't make it to sky or other events, that's fine. If you know you'll be late for an event, log out in the zone geared and prepared so you can catch us in time.

Because this is strictly a laid back LS, we don't expect people to always be on and make it to every event. After all, you're only required atleast 6-8 hours out of the two days per week to participate in sky. However, if you decide to skip too much farming time and only show up to Gods, don't be suprised if youre not up next to get something.

During off days, there are a variety of other events schedualed for every other day that sky events do not fall under. This is a good oportunity for members to form statics for missions like; CoP, Zillart and ToAU. It's not mandatory to attend these events but it is strongly recomended so that DeepSkyLS can evolve into a more versatile shell in the future for members looking into getting invloved with more end-game content.

We will try to have a second group for all events other than sky. This insures our members who have RL situations such as school or work will also be included in our linkshell's activities.

I'm a firm believer in "You get what you work for as long as you have the job and level to equip it" so this is why all drops will be handled on the point system. Accommodating this rule there will be a Missing in Action (MIA) penalty. Members are expected atleast 12 hours of sky time a month in order to have lotting rights meaning they need be actively participating in sky. If a member fails to maintain 12 hours of sky time per month, he/she will be on MIA status and cannot lot until they make up 6 hours of your next visits to sky. This is the only way to be fair to everyone. Generally, if you put more work and time at something, you'll be rewarded before others. There'll be no seniority over others; meaning, no matter how long you've been in the shell for, It's still possible to get priority over others and that's determined by how much more you are actively participating in sky compared to others who's been in the shell longer. Bottom line though, DeepSkyLS is meant for people to participate and have fun doing activities/events.

Welcome to DeepSkyLS! (READ ME FIRST) Pbucket
-Site Admin
Contact me if you have any questions.
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Welcome to DeepSkyLS! (READ ME FIRST)
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